What sets Midway apart from other institutions, is its employees who have been trained specifically to care for persons with Dementia related illnesses and who receive ongoing on-the-job- training by the Matron. The ongoing training ensures that the employees are well informed, understand how to execute their tasks and work with confidence. Bi-annual exams are written by all the Care Workers to ensure that they understand what they have been taught.


Sr Ansovi Schoeman as the matron, has developed a comprehensive training programme for the nursing staff, as well as the care workers.  Training is given every morning just after handover and the training programme is adapted as new developments or challenges arise.  Our experience with our residents has opened our eyes to many facts not yet found in text books.  Thus, we are learning from experience also. Staff that have completed training at other institutions are re-trained by the Matron to conform to our standards and meet the needs of our residents.  Bi-annual exams are compiled by the Matron, which is evaluated by a certified moderator of SITA.

All nursing staff and care workers are provided with a training manual and are required to obtain a pass mark of at least 50% when writing the exams.

We also provide additional training to all the staff on Health & Safety issues and other related topics associated with the industry that we function in.  This training is provided by the accredited facilitator and moderator of SITA, Dr Burger Olivier.

We also have weekly “toolbox” talks to emphasise specific house rules and responsibilities at the facility.

New employees are exposed to a 3-day orientation programme to make sure that they are well suited to our facility and the needs of our residents.  We do not appoint people randomly; the selection made is done very cautiously.

The majority of our employees have been working at Midway from 1 December 2012, when Midway admitted its first two residents.

Annual registrations with SANC and Alzheimer SA as well as the BHF (PCNS) are renewed as required by legislation.



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