Success Stories

Midway Care boasts numerous success stories where our patients were able to return home with much improved health and well being. We believe that our holistic approach is key to our success rate. Our aim is to restore quality of life for our residents.



The first success story was my dear father, Abie who was totally lethargic, unable to talk, who had to be fed and assisted with everything when I started taking care of him. Abie walked with a slouch and dragged his feet along. He did not even know when he had a runny nose, because he had been sedated so heavily by his previous doctors.

Sr Ansovi Schoeman with the assistance of our house doctor weaned my father off Risperdal, Venlor and Seroquel and started giving him coconut oil and cod liver oil to drink. A specific magnesium oil which is available at one health shop in Pretoria only, was sprayed on his arms and on the crown of his head if he showed signs of aggression. Magnesium is a vital part of our nursing plan. A wholesome diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lots of protein, little starch and almost no sugar, with lots of fresh water and exercise (sweeping or raking) and walking ensured a marked improvement in my dear Father’s ability to express himself, to eat himself, to fasten or loosen his shirts buttons. Seven years later, my dear Father still has a brisk walk and recognises me and my 3 brothers. He tells the matron when he wants to talk to one of his children and when we do phone my brothers he asks them to come and visit him.

The 2nd success story is of a lady (whose name we are not permitted to disclose), whose dementia was sugar-related. She spent 13 months at Midway, understood the importance of a sugar-free diet, sufficient water and exercise and has been living independently since February 2014. She is able to drive a vehicle and enjoy the ballroom dancing, that a specialist said she would never be able to do again. She proved the doctors wrong because she listened to the Matron at Midway and has maintained a healthy lifestyle.

Oupa Gert

Beste Sharon, Ek wil net vir julle daar by Midway sê baie baie dankie wat julle vir ouma Eileen doen. Ek het met ‘n lekker… Read more “Oupa Gert”

Oupa Gert

Jan Potgieter – Sept 2019

Vier jaar gelede het ek by Midway die vrede en gerustheid in my hart gevind waarna ek opsoek was vandat ek noodgedwonge my geliefde vrou… Read more “Jan Potgieter – Sept 2019”

Jan Potgieter

Brief van Karin Curtis – September 2019

Midway Care Centre, ‘n plek van vreugde en dankbaarheid vir my. Na twaalf jaar tuisversorging, het my man na Midway verhuis, waar hy vir die… Read more “Brief van Karin Curtis – September 2019”

Karin Curtis

Dankie is te n klein woordjie van Ina Coetzee

Dankie is te n klein woordjie – Dankbaarheid het meer letters maar sê nog nie wat ek wil sê nie. Ouma Sally het in 2012… Read more “Dankie is te n klein woordjie van Ina Coetzee”

Ina Coetzee

Deidre oor Midway

Midway is een van min versorgingsoorde wat werklik hul aansprake van omgee en begrip vir broos, demensie en Alzheimer lyers gestand doen. Midway is gefokus… Read more “Deidre oor Midway”


Francois Roets 13 Sept 2018

Ek wil net weereens vir Jou en die span by Midway, uit die diepte van ons hart dankie sê, dat Julle vir ons Pa -Frans… Read more “Francois Roets 13 Sept 2018”

Francois Roets

Bakers Experience at Midway Care Centre Sept 2018

When our father passed away suddenly in early 2016, we inherited our Mum with what Dad had always called “cognitive difficulties”. That was obvious enough… Read more “Bakers Experience at Midway Care Centre Sept 2018”