What sets Midway apart from other institutions, is its employees who have been trained specifically to care for persons with Dementia related illnesses and who receive ongoing on-the-job- training by the Matron. The ongoing training ensures that the employees are well informed, understand how to execute their tasks and work with confidence. Bi-annual exams are written by all the Care Workers to ensure that they understand what they have been taught.

Description of a typical day at Midway Care

05h00: Showering and Grooming of all residents

06h30:  Teatime for all residents

06h45:  Bible Reading, Singing and Prayer

06h55:  Handover from night shift to day shift

07h15:  Morning exercises for Residents and washing hands before breakfast

08h00:  Breakfast and Medication and Vitamins and Amino Acids administered

08h30:  Taking Vital Signs & Grooming (includes mouth care, hairdo, manicure, pedicure, trimming facial hair etc)

09h00:  Activities – walking in the garden, cutting flowers, building puzzles, colouring in, painting, playing with the dolls, dressing the dolls, etc

10h00:  2nd Breakfast

10h30:  Music Therapy includes singing and dancing

11h00:  Snack Time on the veranda in the sun for Vitamin D

11h30:  Grooming (includes hairdo, manicure, pedicure, trimming facial hair etc)

12h00:  Lunch

12h30:  Mouthcare etc.

13h00:  Activities – Walk in the garden, building puzzles, play Rummikub, colouring in or  playing ball

14h00:  Snack Time in the shade under the trees or in the courtyard

14h30:  Music Therapy includes singing and dancing

15h00:  Desert:  Fresh fruit Salad

15h30:  Activities:  Colouring In, playing ball or walking exercises or feeding the chickens  or attending the pot plants in the house

16h00:  Teatime

16h30:  Grooming before supper

17h00:  Supper and Medication

17h30:  Mouthcare etc.

18h00:  Residents that can read sit and read and the others sit en listen to relaxing music or watch a little TV, if they want to

18h45:  Bible Reading, Singing and Prayer

18h55:  Handover from day shift to night shift

19h15:  Protein drink

20h00:  Tea with a snack before bedtime

20h30 to 21h00:  Residents are put to bed by the Care Workers on duty.


Constant observation of the residents is a priority because they are like babies.

Several Grannies ask to wash the dishes and we allow them to do so under supervision.

Others enjoy making the beds in the morning.

We have 7 dolls in the house.  Playing with the dolls is also therapeutic for the residents.

The matron enjoys baking biscuits (cookies) with the residents – the whole house is sticky by the time the biscuits come out of the oven.

In between all the aforementioned activities most of our residents receive visitors.

Persons with Alzheimer’s/Dementia are not keen on watching television.

The residents’ birthdays are very important and we make a fuss of the birthday granny or grandpa, all day long.

Midway will share more information of activities as well as its staff every two-weeks.

Introducing interested persons little by little to our very special home, away from home!




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