What a person with Alzheimer’s/Dementia remembers…

A person with Alzheimer’s/Dementia remembers how to pray, how to stand when they hold communion and, even though they can’t always remember the words of the songs, they remember the melodies. Music remains a part of their being and spontaneous music, song and dance provides them with great joy. One...
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Quality of Life at Midway Care

At Midway Care Centre we consciously aim to assist our residents to experience quality of life. Accordingly, all our staff (even the domestic employees), are trained to observe our residents constantly and meet their specific needs. In our opinion medication does not keep these angels happy, lots of love and...
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Our residents show immense gratitude

Our residents show immense gratitude to those who assist them to find their room or bed, for instance. It is soulfully rewarding to be able to support those with these types of vulnerabilities in simple ways.
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When a visitor enters the room

We find that every resident is excited with anticipation when a visitor enters the room. Everyone is eager to be greeted, to receive a handshake and to hear someone say “how are you today”.
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Those with Alzheimer’s / Dementia do not lose interest in everything around them

We find that our residents are eager to take part in activities that do not cause stress for them. They love flowers, blossoms, bees, bird watching and get very excited about the beauty of nature in general. Despite suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia, we find that our residents are much...
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The importance of visiting a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s / Dementia

Even though your loved one may not always remember that you had visited them, YOU will remember that you had visited them. This knowledge carries intrinsic personal value, and ensures peace of mind. It is essential for yourself, as child or spouse, to visit your loved one so that there...
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