The personal medical and emotional care provided by Midway to its residents is what distinguishes us from other care centres, as residents are never left unattended

We treat each patient as an individual, and develop care programs specifically tailored to each patients requirements.

Healthy nutrition forms part of our holistic approach at Midway Care – our aim is to restore quality of life for our residents.


Midway is able to accommodate a maximum of 25 residents comfortably, employs 40 staff, which makes it possible to provide specialized care 24/hrs/day. The observation skills of the Matron and the nursing staff ensures that the medical, emotional and physical needs of the residents are met. We do not sedate our residents and we take their vital signs every day and record the information on their Nursing Plan.

We provide 4 fresh main meals a day, and 4 smaller meals (Snacks) to our residents, which are prepared on the premises, the quality of which is excellent.

Most activities take place spontaneously. If a resident wants to cut roses, one of the nurses or care workers will take them to the garden to cut roses and allow them to put the flowers in a vase of their choice.

If Granny Joan wants to play the piano, she does so and everyone sings or dances to the tunes that she plays. This happens several times a day and visitors also enjoy Granny Joan playing the piano or organ.

Our residents are allowed to do what they want to as long it cannot cause any harm to them or the other residents or staff.

The residents enjoy taking walks along the perimeter of the property with the assistance and guidance of the care workers.



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